Adriano Zumbo Patisserie – Sydney

I’ve been Zumbo fan ever since i watched his program on Channel 7, Zumbo Just Dessert. I reckon this guy has amazing talent to create beautiful yet imaginative desserts plating or cakes. The most memorable one was when he gave the bottom two challenge to make duplication of his creation, a burritos ice cream, inside in a look-like lemon shell. Then i’ve been following him on instagram. 

I was beyond happy when he opened new small store in Circular Quay, which it’s easy to find. From the famous Darling Harbour it’s about 5 minutes walk, just accross the street. The exact location is inside Gateaway GF Floor, you can enter either from Albert Street or Loftus street. As it’s only small store so they dont have dine in area, just grab and go. But dont worry along the side road outside there so many benches. 

Since we just had our lunch and coffee 30 mins ago, so i just bought 1 cake and 1 macaroon. This store sells lots of varieties of cookies, pastries, cakes (slice or whole cake) and macaroon. If you want try beautiful desserts and other Zumbo’s creations you may click his website to find Zumbo’s Cafe, one of them i know is in Melbourne. 

First, I bought Yuzu Cheese Cake ($9.8), its texture was very creamy more like a mousse than a cheese cake, with tangy orange flavor which i like it. It’s so freshen in mouth. Good presentation tho, i reckon a cheese sliced on the side is a cheese but it’s not, it’s a chocolate with orange flavour. 

Second, i tried their macaroon. It’s $2,5 each. I picked popcorn macaroon flavor, and it’s also good, not too sweet and it has strong popcorn flavor, maybe they made it from real popcorn not only essence or whatever. One thing annoy me so much about this macaroon cause its shell very crumbly, you have to touch it extra carefully or it will crumbled. 

Still, i was curious about Zumbo Cafe. Ciao!


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