Eat Street Market Eps.2 – Wollongong

Hi i’m back on 2nd episode of Eat Street Market in Wollongong Central. A culinary event or pop up bazaar which held every Thursday night. The first one i already posted before this, just check it out (but sorry i posted in Bahasa). Well, actually it’s my 3 weeks in a row visiting this culinary event. How can i resist lots of food right there! So here the recaps for today..

# The Donut Dealer 

I already curious about this foodtruck since last week, because they not only sell conventional donut but also cronut with many varieties of topping. Currently, cronut is a new darling on pastry world, it’s actually combination of croissant and donut. Well, on my opinion it’s totally croissant but in a ring shape. 

I bought the best seller cronut which is salted caramel popcorn cronut ($8). It’s yummo, the texture is flaky like any other croissant, watch out for diabetics cause it’s soo sweet! I couldnt even eat it all cause too sweet. Prepare wet tissue or hanky cause it makes your hand a bit dirty and sticky lol

# Pochito

This stall also steal my attention because its colourful booth but since i dont have idea about Chillean food, sometimes i just walk down to their booth and look up on them for read the menu. They not sell many varian dishes, only some burgers with pull beef in chillean spices and empanadas. And i just know about empanadas but still havent tried before. 

So i managed to try it. They sell cheese, spinach ricotta, chicken, beef, and prawns empanadas. I picked the chicken one to try. It cost me $6 each. I was a bit surprised as its taste not like usual latin/mexican food which a bit spicy. This tasted more like Australian pie, the chicken cooked with mushroom in creamy sauce. Which i like it! And the pastry sheet tasted more like Italian dish, calzone. Recommended!

# Grilled Squids

I am a big fan of squids whether it was grilled, deep fried or cooked in Indonesian version like sambal cumi (salty squid in chilli sauce). So today i tried this booth which located next to my favorite twist potato. They not only sell grilled squids with selected sauce; bbq or spicy chilli, but also stuffed squids but i dont ask any further about this menu. 

I ordered grilled squid with spicy chilli ($8), and they made it once we order. The squids was yummy and its texture was not rubbery, that was because they only grill more or less 3 minutes to keep it juicy. Next time i’m gonna try another menu. 

# Jimmy’s

Me and husband ever been tried Jimmy’s before on their restaurant at Crown street. And glad to find them again on this event. Cause their burger quality was superb, i mean it. I never like burger, maybe burger will be my least choice to eat 😝

This my hubby’s order, Maple Bacon Burger ($13). We quite surprised since price in here more expensive compare than their restaurant price. At least for that price we can have burger and fries on their restaurant, and in here we only get burger without fries. But it’s ok lah since the quality still same. 

# Stroopbros

And last but not least i tried Stroopbross cause some photos on their instagram very mouthwatering. They sell stroop waffle, it’s kinda like crunchy waffle with caramel and ice cream sandwich. I ever had stroop waffle before..on Starbucks πŸ˜‚ so i managed to try ice cream sandwich ($9). I had a bit miscommonication with them earlier, i thought they were using waffle for ice cream sandwich like their dummy in the front. And they didnt ask me whether i want waffle or cookies, they just asked me which ice cream i wanna have chocolate or vanilla with sprinkle πŸ˜… Since i dont wanna be grumpy customer so i go with it, not bad, i like the cookies tho.

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